Boruto Preview Episode 138 : What is a Suitable Gift for Hiashi Hyuga ?

After in episode 137 we are shown the action of Tsubaki Kurogane the samurai, the preview of Boruto episode 138 shows that we will be shown a filler related to Hiashi Hyuga.The Boruto was dizzy thinking about a gift for his grandfather

What’s the problem, grandfather?

Boruto is confused gift for his grandfather

If seen from the preview of Boruto episode 138, the story of this episode is simple. Hiashi’s birthday is getting closer. Boruto wanted to give his grandfather a gift, but he didn’t know what to give. He also conveyed that confusion to Mitsuki.

Boruto Preview Episode 138: What is a Suitable Gift for Hiashi Hyuga ?

But since Hiashi’s grandson Boruto, Sarada also could not help Boruto in their dialogue in the preview.

What does Hiashi really want is simple?

The Boruto preview episode 138 shows Hiashi observing photos of Boruto and Himawari when they were little.

Hiashi is very fond of his grandchildren. But he was rarely shown meeting them. I’m not surprised if it was revealed that the prize Hiashi wanted was only a day of playing with Boruto and Himawari.

Hanabi and Hinata are shown in the preview

It’s also the name of their father’s birthday, Hanabi and Hinata Hyuga, shown in the preview episode of Boruto 138.

Of particular interest is Hanabi. His interaction with Boruto at the beginning of the Ghost plot actually attracted attention, but since then Hanabi has rarely been reunited with his nephew.

It should be noted how the role of Hanabi and Hinata on Hiashi’s birthday later.

That’s what’s interesting about the Boruto preview episode 138.

What are your hopes for this episode?

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