Fishing rod is one of the fishing equipment consists of two main components, namely: rope (line) and hook (hook). The number of different hook, the hook is a single, double, and even thousands. The principle is to stimulate fishing gear with natural or artificial bait attached to a fishing rod eye. This tool basically consists of two main components, namely the rope and hook.

The way the operation can be in pairs settled on a body of water, drawn from the back of the boat / ship which is in the running state, washed away, and immediately stretched by hand. These tools tend to be destructive and very selective. Distinguished on tuna longline fishing rod, drifting longlines, fixed longline, trolling, and others.



A fishing rod ?? ? Long, flexible rod u??D t? Catch fish. At ?T? Simplest, ? Fishing rod ?? ? Simple stick ?R pole attached t? ? Line ?Nd?Ng ?N ? Hook (formerly kn?Wn ?? ?N angle, h?N?? Th? Term angling). Th? Length ?F th? Rod ??N vary b?Tw??N dua ?Nd 20 feet (0.61 ?Nd 6.10 m).

T? Entice fish, bait ?R lures ?R? Impaled ?N ?N? ?R m?R? Hooks attached t? Th? Line. Th? Line ?? Generally stored ?N ? Reel wh??H reduces tangles ?Nd assists ?N landing ? Fish.

Traditionally rods ?R? M?D? Fr?M bamboo, wh?L? Contemporary rods ?R? U?U?Ll? M?D? Fr?M fibreglass ?R carbon fibre. In contrast w?Th nets, wh??H ?R? U?U?Ll? U??D ?N subsistence ?Nd commercial fishing, fishing rods ?R? M?R? ?Ft?N u??D ?N recreational fishing ?Nd competitive casting.

Fishing rods ??M? ?N m?N? Sizes, actions, lengths ?Nd configurations depending ?N wh?Th?R th?? ?R? T? B? U??D f?R small, medium ?R large fish ?R ?N d?Ff?R?Nt fresh ?R salt water situations. V?R??U? Types ?F fishing rods ?R? Designed f?R specific types ?F fishing.

Fly rods ?R? U??D t? Cast artificial flies, spinning rods ?Nd bait casting rods ?R? Designed t? Cast baits ?R lures. Ice fishing rods ?R? Designed t? Fish thr?Ugh small holes ?N ice covered lakes. Trolling rods ?R? Designed t? Drag bait ?R lures b?H?Nd moving boats.

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