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Fishing Gear , GILLNET – Surface gill nets is one alternative fishing gear pelagic (surface fish). Surface gill nets operated passively stretched around the waters surface facing the direction of motion of the surface of the fish ruwaya. In this way the expected type of fish that were targeted for arrest (target species) will be caught in the mesh, is the catch

Technology manufacture and operation of surface gill nets is relatively simple, can be used by small-scale fishing effort by boat without a motor up to industrial scale using auxiliary engines arrest and navigation tools to date. The use of fishing gear that has been commonly used by the fishing community.

Giving the name of the surface gill nets are generally associated with fish catching targets (target species). One of them is the surface gill nets to catch lemuru, called gill nets lemuru surface.


The largest concentration of population lemuru contained in the Bali Strait, although there are in other waters but relatively small, such as in the waters of South Sulawesi, South Java and West Sumatra.


Oil sardine fishery is one of the backbone of the Indonesian fisheries activities, Role for relatively large communities, among others: as a source of livelihood of fishermen, local revenue and national income, as a source provider of bait fish for tuna longline fishery, as a source of nutrition consumption.

as well as a source of raw material providers fish processing industry (canning, fish meal, pemindangan and anchovies), particularly in the province of East Java and Bali.

Fishermen along the coast of the island of Java, which borders the Strait of Bali, especially in the area of the District Muncar lemuru Bantuwangi utilize these resources by arrest using gill nets lemuru surface; The local fisherman named nets protol.

Operation lemuru surface gill nets carried out using floating facilities in the form of a boat or boats sopek compreng type Muncar Banyuwangi, driven by the engine (in-board engine) between 10 and 15 Horsepower. Naming lemuru surface gill nets in the net protol Muncar as grounded by her is the target species of fish protol

Referring to the results of research conducted by Dwiponggo et al (1981), fish protol is the size of the group of adult lemuru total body length (TL) ranging from: 14.70 ~ 15.20 cm. Further added to by the results of research conducted Sudjastani and Nurhakim (1981), that lemuru measuring between 14.70 -15.20 cm is lemuru in the age group between 10 ~ 11 months

Mesh materials (webbing) of gill nets lemuru surface made of nylon multifilament material, Although the type and size of target fish are relatively the same, but the local fishermen do not apply uniform pattern characteristic fishing gear good use of raw material types, among others: the number of threads, the size of each pis nets (rigged length), as well as in the arrangement of its components include: float arrangement, the arrangement of ballast material characteristics and size of fishing nets used are very diverse, the taste of the author.

In line with the government’s efforts to establish a policy on fishing technology recommended to fishing communities, especially for fishermen operating in the waters of the Strait of Bali, the characteristics of the type of material and the varying mesh sizes should be uniform; in order to obtain raw form surface gill net fishing gear oil sardine (net protol) are efficient, effective and can be used as a reference for supervision and oversight authorities at the central and regional fisheries in directing fishing gill nets Surface Lemuru better direction,

Upon consideration of the underlying things, the Fisheries Development Center conducted a study of gill nets Surface Characteristics Lemuru conducted on five units lemuru surface gill nets used by fishermen Banyuwangi taken at random, representing all lemuru surface gill nets in the area Muncar Banyuwangi.

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