glimpse of crab traps

Glimpse of crab traps – Fisheries is one area that is expected to be the backbone improving the welfare of the people of Indonesia. Fisheries sub-sector can play a role in the recovery and growth of the Indonesian economy since the great potential of fish resources in number and diversity.

In addition, fish resources, including renewable resources (renewable resources) so that with prudent management, can continue to enjoy its benefits.

Glimpse of crab traps

Glimpse of crab traps

Glimpse of crab traps

One of the fishing equipment is widely used fishing gear traps. Bubu is a form of trap fishing gear, and passive. Bubu is often also called trap

Market demand for the commodity of the type of crab seafood increasingly skyrocketed without knowing downs. In some countries the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia, rajunga commodities remain a critical consumption so that a strategic export market share with a high selling price. Crab from domestic commodity results dominate fishing products for export.

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