Glimpse of the net trammel Net – Since the enactment of Presidential Decree (Decree) No. 39/1980 on the prohibition of the use of trawl nets or trawl in most parts of Indonesia, then emerging tools as a replacement alternative fishing trawl nets. One of the gear in question is Trammel net or nets three layers.

Trammel Net in classification is still included in this type of gill net. This net is a tool that is quite effective shrimp catcher consisting of three layers of netting.



On the inside as much as a single layer, smaller eye size and on the outside as much as two layers with a larger eye sizes. At the top buoy attached, while at the bottom tied ballast. Operated in the bottom waters to catch Penaeid shrimp.

The success of trammel net to catch shrimp has proven to be quite good, this can be seen in nearly all parts of Indonesia, where the waters suitable tempat asli must be catching shrimp using trammel net fishing gear.

Trammel Net is appropriate fishing gear to be applied and developed among small-scale fishermen, because this tool has the shape and construction of simple and relatively affordable. Operation is easy and can be operated by motorboat / without small-sized motors with fishing as much as 2-tiga people. However, the industry can also be arranged.

In order to remain as a trammel net fishing gear (shrimp) that are environmentally friendly, then the relevant fisheries officer must remain vigilant and not negligent in carrying out Monitoring and Control (WASDAL) in the field

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