New Costume Black Widow 2020 Amazing

New Costume Black Widow 2020 Amazing

Since Natasha Romanoff was first introduced at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU fans hope that Marvel Studios will give a solo movie to the former Russian spy. And finally, after all this time waiting for Marvel to finally realize the dreams of the fans by making the film Black Widow 2020 . The movie will be part of the MCU Phase 4.

With the time after the events in the film Captain America: Civil War , where all the Avengers scattered, Black Widow showed Natasha reunited with various figures from his past. Among them are Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, and Melina. Together they will face a villain named Taskmaster.

One of the things that came to the attention of the film, is the costume used by Nat in the story. If Geeks still remembers, Natasha uses two different new costumes. First is the white costume and the other new costume has a darker color. This made a question then arise, where did Natasha get the costume?

The picture shown in the movie poster shows Black Widow having a different hair style, a hairstyle that has never been shown in an MCU before and also does not appear in various promotional materials such as trailers or teasers. This then raises the possibility if the scene is a flashback scene from Natasha Romanoff.

New Costume Black Widow 2020 Amazing

If indeed it was taken from Natasha Romanoff’s past scenes, then the possibility of the uniform or costume used by Natasha was what he had used when he was still part of the Red Room. In other words, the costumes were actually not a new costume but the first costume he used when given the assignment by the Red Room.

The theory is also supported by scenes in the Black Widow trailer, where Rachel Weisz’s character, Melina, uses the same costume as Natasha. In addition, he also confirmed as a Black Widow.

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