Review of Spies in Disguise, When Secret Agents Turn into Pigeons

Review of Spies in Disguise, When Secret Agents Turn into Pigeons – Will Smith and Tom Holland hand in hand to defeat the enemy

Lately the world of animation is too dominated by Disney and Pixar who already have their own winning formula. Because of that the emergence of Spies in Disguise created by Blue Sky Studio is like giving fresh air to the world of Hollywood animation. At least now we are dealing with pigeons who used to talk, not just cars or snowman.

Review of Spies in Disguise, When Secret Agents Turn into Pigeons

Lance Sterling is the best agent

Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is the greatest agent of HTUV ( Honor, Trust, Unity and Valor ). He always managed to complete his mission in style. Yup , you will see him blow up a multi-storey building or a giant aquarium in carrying out its mission.

In a secret mission to steal a killer drone from a arms dealer named Kimura (Masi Oka), Sterling must deal with Killian (Ben Mendelsohn).

As always, Sterling carries out its mission in style. He beat up Kimura’s bodyguards, and as a last resort he threw a bomb. The bomb should have exploded and destroyed all of its enemies, but the opposite happened. The bomb exploded with a glitter and a picture of a kitten.

Seeing this, Sterling realized that his tools had been tampered with by Walter Beckett (Tom Holland). Walter himself was a strange kid but a genius who worked in the secret service specifically for secret and experimental weapons. After returning from the mission, Sterling immediately looked for Walter and fired him.

Hearing this, Walter immediately chased after Sterling and explained all his new discoveries, including

On another occasion, Sterling handed over the package containing the killer drone to Joy Jenkins (Reba McEntire), the HTUV boss. Unfortunately the package that was given by Lance was empty. Not long afterwards, agent Marcy Kappel (Rashida Jones) who was part of an internal crime reported that the figure of Sterling was seen with the drone .

Knowing that he was accused of being a traitor, Sterling escaped from HTUV headquarters and hid. He needs help to disappear for a while, and in his brain there is a name that just mentions his new findings involving “biodynamic concealment”.

Full of comedy and simple plot

Review of Spies in Disguise, When Secret Agents Turn into Pigeons

Spies in Disguise is an animated film with a classic theme. There is no queen of confusion that can freeze people or bring inanimate objects, or a lion that is not clear whether it is animated or a real lion. There is only evil against good here, plus a strange child named Walter.

This simple approach made us fall in love with Spies in Disguise . It was like seeing a classic widescreen animation that was once popularized by Disney, and Pixar. All you need to do is sit and enjoy the flow that goes straight, plus injections of fresh comedy here and there.

The comedy involves a disagreement between Walter and Sterling in dealing with the problem. Sterling always wants to blow everyone up, and beat up anyone who interferes, while Walter wants to take a harmless approach to his enemies.

In addition to differences of opinion, you will also be treated by how insistent Sterling to run the action alone, even when it has become a dove. Although Sterling has a very strong reason, but the Sterling process recognizes that he really needs a partner is funny enough to be listened to.

Contains moral messages for children

Because the main target of animated films are children, Spies in Disguise also inserted many moral messages in it. Among these moral messages, we most remember that fire cannot be resisted by fire, being a different person is not a problem, and finally, there is no harm in acknowledging your weaknesses.

The moral message arises from various dialogues between Tom Holland and Will Smith. Both of them are described as just getting to know each other, but in the end they can both be compact and work together to defeat their main enemy.

Oh yes, this compact process involves the acting and chemistry of Tom Holland and Will Smith. So you know how the quality of their voiceover is. In addition to Holland and Smith, you also have to glance at Rashida Jones who gets the role of the protagonist but goes after Sterling. Through his voice we know that he is a reliable agent but wrongly accused.

Karen Gillan and DJ Khaled also contributed their votes as Eyes and Ears. Unfortunately both of them do not get much dialogue so it is less prominent. Though we really like the role of Karen Gilian as the se** Ruby Roundhouse in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle , and Jumanji: The Next Level .

Final conclusion? Beyond expectations

In fact, there are already many animated films out there that use elements of Spies in Disguise . Starting from the clear antagonists and protagonists, moral messages, funny animations, and famous voice actors. Because of that we did not have any expectations when watching this film. But because of that, Spies in Disguise managed to become a family film that we wanted to watch on weekends.

Spies in Disguise won 4 out of 5 star reviews . A family film that must be watched together with sister, father, mother, child, niece, all of it.

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